Atma Nambi


Atmaji is a modern enlightened master and mystic from Tamil Nadu, the heart of spirituality in the South of India. He’s a multidimensional and casual master that easily connects with people through his relaxed, out going and humorous personality. Just to be in the presence of Atmaji’s inner silence, brings healing and connects you to your true nature.

The 7th of October 1994 the unforgettable experience of enlightenment occurred to Atmaji. This state of consciousness was reached through a childhood based in a natural and peaceful Indian village with a more or less innocent concept free upbringing. With the inner drive of diving deep into the Self and spirituality, Five different masters and teachers passed him through various experiences and practices. Following his Self Realization, after 2 years of silence, he decided to clear the paths for seekers and to lead them into spirituality through meditation, yoga and kriya. He has dedicated himself in being part of creating a new humanity.

2012 Atmaji had his international breakthrough with a speech that reached the souls of the participants of the World Parliament of Spirituality in Hyderabad India. Since then his work has been passed on to Europe with the vision of further growth in the world in collaboration with like minded visionaries.